The Spurs' guard and the Desperate Housewives star do a shot-by-shot remake of the classic Grease song. File this one under things that have no need to exist whatsoever.

Haven't you always wondered what Danny would sound like if he was French? And what Sandy would look like if she was Latina? Yeah, neither did we. Maybe they heard there was a demand for glorified karaoke versions of Grease songs, and they were just filling a serious void on the internet. Or maybe this is some desperate cry for help that their marriage is falling apart, and this is a non-sexual way to spice things up. It certainly looks like they attended the "Nic Cage School for Wig Selection", because it looks like they got them from a second-hand costume shop.

In any case, here it is. I think it's intent is to be charming. I think.

[via Best Week Ever]