Jeffrey Epstein penis-related legal woes update! The billionaire Bill Clinton pal is currently being sued by 14(!) women who are upset, in retrospect, that they sexually stimulated Epstein for money. He is therefore (legally) harassing them. Nice guy.

Page Six reports that Epstein's lawyers were "admonished" by a judge after she found that they used a deposition with one of the women as an opportunity to "had badgered the woman by repeatedly quizzing her about having three abortions" and "the type of sex she engages in." For eight hours. Classy! Also Epstein's private team of oppo researchers are busy digging dirt on all the dirty, bad women who he paid for sex, reportedly.

However! The opposing lawyer could theoretically subpoena all the famous people who rode on Epstein's sexxxy plane, like Bill Clinton and Lawrence Summers. And Epstein has already settled with four women, according to P6. So we smell settlements, settlements, and more settlements to come! When will the system let Jeffrey Epstein's penis be free?