How is the American economy supposed to limp its way back towards some pitiful semblance of prosperity when every time a city has a nice space that would be perfect for a cash-earning business, woops, a church just stole it?

This is happening! Did you know that a church does not contribute a god damn thing economically, and, to the contrary, pays no taxes at all while still consuming city services such as firefighter responses when heathens burst into flames? It is true. Churches contribute less to the public coffers than more civic-minded businesses like strip clubs and sex shops and Satanic apparel outlet stores. The WSJ reports that America's entire tumbleweed-strewn business district is hamstrung by a preponderance of freeloading houses of worship, popping up faster than toadstools on the cow shit of the recession.

The City of San Diego fought for two years to prevent a church from settling in an industrial park, which the city said was meant for job-creating businesses, not worship.

Something useful—not church. When will Jesus start paying his fair share?
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