Ever since the TesticleTerrorist succeeded in nothing but scorching his balls, word spread of the TSA issuing reactionary regulations. Proof: this flight announcement recorded by none other than Vimeo's founder and DOTD-nominee Jakob Lodwick, which he posted to his blog.

Look! I put a pretty picture on it and gave it a transcript for People Who Don't Hear So Great.

Jakob was flying in from San Juan, and this is constant with what's been previously reported, which was that the new regulations would be in place for international flights arriving into America. Jetblue's site notes:

Operations Update Last Updated: 12/27/2009 [10:00 pm EST] Customers on flights originating outside of the United States are asked to allow at least one additional hour for check in due to U.S. government mandated security procedures. Please note: JetBlue's LiveTV programming will be inoperable on these flights as a result of these new procedures. Customers are asked to plan accordingly.

Jakob also—surprisingly, for this blogger!—makes both a salient, populist point and a trenchant observation when he notes the following. Astute kvetching, here:

I was also pissed that we couldn't watch TV on our flight. And if I were JetBlue, I'd be pissed that one of my company's distinguishing features was now indefinitely banned.

Truth. That said, if I were

1. Working in print,
2. Working in the business of drugs that will knock you the fuh out, or
3. A kinetophobic,

I could see this as the kind of thing that would make my day. Until then, most people will simply buy an extra magazine and stock up on Xanax. And this is where I'd lament these regulations not actually being of any foreseeable security value except for terrorists who wait to file their taxes at the last minute and terrorize during the last hour of the plane ride, and uh, the paralyzing threat that is JetBlue's XM Radio, but that's fairly obvious as it is. What more's there to say, here? This is patently ridiculous, and also, sucks.

Monday update: JetBlue P.R. Morgan Johnston emails to say that the ban on live TV has been rescinded: "I wanted to advise you and your readers, that as of this morning JetBlue will be resuming regular LiveTV service for all US bound international flights."