Whether or not Susan Sarandon is hooking up with 31 year-old Ping Pong boy Jonathan Bricklin, she's clearly OK with the image of a cradle-robbing cougar. Remember that SNL spoof Mothers Day music video, "Motherlover?"

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake's follow-up to 2006's Dick in the Box was released this past May—and there was Susan Sarandon as one of the song's titular mother's, being loved with waffle condiments by a goateed Justin. The video came just prior to Sarandon's split from Tim Robbins and summertime rumors that she'd been cheating on him. Sexy!

Now, we learn that Sarandon may have left Robbins for Jonathan Bricklin, the hipster entrepreneur who's devoted his life to making the New York social scene a safe space for ping pong. Sarandon's rep is refuting our theory that the 63 year-old left Tim Robbins to hook up with a 31 year-old Bricklin, telling ABC News: "Susan's relationship with Jonathan Bricklin is strictly a business one." OK!

So was Sarandon's role a winking spoof on her own penchant for bright young things or a stupid move, in light of her rumored infidelities with said young things? (Which, we admit, may be too good to be true.) Either way, she looked pretty damn good doing it. Slide show with accompanying humorous commentary: Engage!

"Who knew ping pong left you so parched?"

"I've been a fan ever since my parents conceived me to the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' soundtrack."

"So you're SURE Tim isn't going to freak out about this, right?"

"Keep your dirty mitts off my boyfriend!" -Jessica Biel

"We must never let these pictures fall into the hands of the gossip website www.gawker.com, lest we become the subject of a slideshow with accompanying funny captions."

"So... how old ARE you, anyway? No no no, I completely agree that age is just a number. I'm just kind of a numbers freak is all. Here, we'll do a word problem: If I subtracted your age from mine, would I get a number lower or higher than the number of pull ups I can do? I can do 32 pull-ups."

The video.