If Access Hollywood's Monday broadcast was a Tragedy in Four Acts, tonight's show was the requisite epilogue. In dealing with the death of Brittany Murphy, Access not only upped its speculation about the cause, but also involved America. Yikes.

This is the type of clip that just needs to be seen. It defies explanation, honestly.

Directions for Viewing
Step One: Watch
Step Two: Shake Head
Step Three: Viewer's Choice

Here's the clip.

Let's recap.

Dramatic music? Check.
Use of "expert" to speculate on your behalf (and to your point)? Check.
Michael Jackson comparison? Check.
Doctor Feelgood reference? Check.
Use of ridiculous, online, public, speculative poll? Check.
Airing of image as you report on its offensiveness? Check

Never change, Access Hollywood. Never change.

[Access Hollywood]