According to Variety, "The Jay Leno Show" ranks first among all TV shows when it comes to product placement. In just three months, "Leno" racked up 1,015 product mentions. All this selling-out must have gotten to Leno's head tonight.

At the end of a segment in which Leno tries out various goofy Christmas gifts, he opens a beer using the butt of an Antelope and...

Leno's awkward moment of product misplacement was a weird little disruption that underscored how seamlessly selling has become integrated with entertainment. (That is, if you consider "The Jay Leno Show" entertainment.) He glances off-screen as if some shadowy Budweiser exec is standing there aiming a cross-bow at his chest... "Say our name, funnyman."

Although considering how advanced Leno appears to be at product placement, maybe it was just a ploy to get bloggers to write about it. In which case: Touché.

(Special thanks to reader Scott R. for the tip)