They must be deeply, deeply ashamed of their split, since it happened this summer and they decided to announce it today, on the wasteland that is Christmas Eve Eve. Who is going to know now?

The couple's rep tells People, "Actress Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins have announced that they separated over the summer. No further comments will be made."

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! These liberal mouthpieces and film darlings have been together so long they were one of those couples you took for granted and thought would never break up. Now that their sons, Jack and Miles, are 20 and 17, it seems like there is no reason to stay together for the kids' sake. We're actually a little bit sad about this.

We guess this leaves even more time for Sarandon to focus on SPiN, the Manhattan ping-pong lounge she opened this fall. Sounds like it would be a great place to meet her next pretty young thing.

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