Today at Gawker.TV, Whoopi Goldberg loves her weed, Kathy Griffin shows us her lady-parts, Harvey Levin's craptastic TMZ show, Teen Mom will scare your teenager out of ever having sex, and the most brutal figure skating falls we've seen.

Whoops! Whoopi Goldberg Called Out on Her Weed-Smoking Ways
Today's uncomfortable clip from The View happens in the midst of a discussion about the correlation between arrests for marijuana possession and race. Once Joy calls Whoopi out on her use of street slang, the slip-up was impossible to ignore.

Teen Mom Is Televised Birth Control
Pesky condoms making you lose sensation? Hard to remember to take your birth control pill every morning? No worries, just watch an episode of Teen Mom and you will never forget to strap on that rubber again.

TMZ TV: A Staff Meeting, Broadcast
Did you know that TMZ has its own TV show? Well, it does! Seriously. And the best part about TMZ TV? It's basically a glorified staff meeting-starring Ms. Harvey Levin, of course. Here's a peek inside last night's show.

Kathy Griffin Spreds 'Em for the Camera on The Late, Late Show
Our eyes! Last night, Kathy Griffin visited Craig Ferguson's show and gave us all an undesirable holiday treat: her crotch, sans panties. CBS made sure to censor the crap out of her nether-regions, but somehow we're still scarred.

The Most Painful Figure Skating Falls
Tis the season when girls in sparkly miniskirts—who are better athletes than you'll ever be—venture out onto the cold, unforgiving ice and perform christmas miracles. Or fall on their face. Enjoy this brutal compilation of figure skater falls.