There has been an important development in our Hipster of the Decade poll: after Hipster Runoff's Carles jacked the voting and blasted past Kari Ferrell and Dov Charney, Gavin McInnes has made a very authentic offer to win your vote.

Carles has been actively lobbying his readers for the title, and is handily walking away with the vote with hanging chads falling out of the pockets of his (alleged) skinny jeans. Are you going to let this happen to Kari Farrell, who not only lived the hipster lifestyle, but also ran away with all their cash? Or Dov Charney, who clad suburban regiments in the uniform of the Hipster Youth? Or Princess Coldstare who singlehandedly caused the Great Blizzard of 2009 with her icy gaze when she found out she was losing the contest to a blogging upstart?

It appears that Gawker's Hipster of the Decade contest is like a trucker hat. First the hipsters think it's trashy, then they ironically love it, and then they hate it for being played. Right now we are in the second phase. Next week — when we close the voting — they'll be selling it at Hot Topic and 14-year-olds will be wearing it to middle school.

Street Boners and TV Carnage points out that Vice's sellout supreme (hey, I'd take the money too!) Gavin McInnes thought the whole thing was "gay" until he found out he was losing to Carles. When the Boner Boys asked McInnes why we should all vote for him his response was, "I don't know. I'll piss in a bowl of Corn Flakes and eat it." We would say that was definitely "gay," except we once saw someone do that on stage at The Cock when means it's so gay without quotation marks so it can't be "gay," so it must be "hetero" or maybe "breeder?" God, this self-referential irony thing is making my head hurt.

Just go and vote, OK. Democracy is so old it's cool again, like a satin Mets jacket that says Buster on it that you bought at Beacon's Closet. [NOTE: Current voting for this poll is here.]