Dov Charney, Carles, and Kari Farrell are locked in essentially a three-way tie for Gawker's Coveted Old-Tymey Mustache Trophy (awarded, for pretend, to the Hipster of the Decade.) And that is lame!

Because, come on—Carles and Kari are totally hipsters-come-lately. Gavin McInnes gave them an ethos, and Dov sold that ethos back to them while touching many of them inappropriately and unwelcomely. Carles just makes fun of them and Kari just stole from them.

We should also seek to celebrate the semi-anonymous ones who truly represent what it meant to be young and trust-funded on Driggs in 2003! A vote for Truck Guy or the Williamsburg Hair Man is a vote for the common hipster!

And before you start your preaching, let me ask you this my friend: Have you forgotten Princess Cold Stare?

Please vote again, lamestains. [NOTE: Current voting for this poll is here.]