Workers at Goldman Sachs' buildings across New York and New Jersey are grumbling about a conspiracy. A conspiracy by the company to squeeze profit even from its own staff.

According to a mole, Goldman apparently stocks the cheapest, worst generic coffee imaginable in its staff kitchens - despite protests from the caffeine-deficient. "It's beyond horrible," explained our source. "You work a lot of hours so you have to go down to the cafeteria and spend money on Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts." There is talk within the ranks that this is a ploy to boost cafeteria takings, as any imprecations to improve the standard of free coffee fall on deaf ears.

This could, of course, be a complete accident. Or Lloyd Blankfein himself might be overseeing a monetizing of employee caffeine addiction. In either case — if even your own employees are accusing you of being a petty, money-sucking greedmachine, it might be time to change something.

UPDATE (9.30am): From h_bee in the comments: "This is the same firm that (at least at one point) refused to buy colored file folders, only plain manila. "We don't do color."

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