Every year they add a new level to the Dantean inferno that is artistic living in Brooklyn. Now that the youth hostel of infinite microphone feedback, McKibbin flats, is so 00's, they're building an ironic trailer park for 2010.

For a "membership fee" of $590/month, happy campers may rent one-person campers (currently parked in a dreary warehouse, but to relocate to a grassy knoll beside a nut roasting factory this spring) and will get electricity, wifi, furnishings, and access to a darkroom, wood shop, recording studio, ceramics studio, and a thousand other perks that would actually be pretty fun if you didn't have to share them with a bunch of deodorant-averse urban gypsies living in trailers.

Also, you are probably not cool enough to get in. Ringleader Hayden Cummings explains to Rented Spaces that the Nut Factory trailer park has a vetting process, and will only admit "folks who believe in the vision and are excited to contribute ideas, share knowledge, help organize, decorate and bring in others to make this something extraordinary." What's more, the community will be non-smoking and pet-free, which will harsh many a hipster mellow, particularly of those planning to use their camper-roof "community gardens" for the universally acknowledged true purpose of communal living: facilitating the growth and consumption of weed.

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