The folks at Access Hollywood spent the majority of tonight's episode covering the tragic, untimely death of actress Brittany Murphy. How did they deal with it? By airing segments so ridiculous, they're tragic on their own. Lights! Camera! Shameless!

It was hard for us to whittle down the ridiculousness of tonight's entire episode into a few clips—the entire show was worthy, really—but here's what we came up with. So, without any further ado, we present Access Hollywood's Brittany Murphy Coverage: A Tragedy in Four Acts.

Act I: The Dizzying Opening

If it was possible to watch Access Hollywood in 3D, we'd be ducking every time the talking points came FLYING. AT. US. We'd also wonder why they kept showing us snippets of the typing of the voice-over script (though that applies to the 2D version, as well). We'd probably have more thoughts, but at this point we'd also be suffering from vertigo due to the random, jerky camera motions.

Act II: The Final Interview

This segment wasn't as bad as the others, but we felt it should be included because of the fact that it shows portions from Murphy's final interview with Access Hollywood on December 3rd. In this portion of the interview, Murphy shares her plans for the holidays and talks about how important family is to her. (In another part of the interview, Murphy expresses her desire to have a child in 2010.)

Act III: The Rampant Speculation

This segment is chock-full of speculation. Was Murphy anorexic? Was she addicted to Vicodin? The best way to answer these questions, of course, is to have on a "medical expert" that knows nothing of the case to serve as your mouthpiece so that you can get the right soundbites. Also, Access Hollywood, talking about the speculation and labeling it as such doesn't mean you're not also speculating.

The end of the segment deals with Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack. Access Hollywood pulls a quote from a source that labels Monjack as "Satan" before showing footage of Jamie Pressley—at LAX this morning—stating that she was friends with murphy "before she married [Monjack]."

Act IV: The Random Tweets and Awkward Small Talk

What better way to memorialize Murphy than to feature a couple of tweets from random Access Hollywood viewers? If you're Tony Potts, the answer is to attempt awkward small talk with Maria Menounos and say that Murphy was "a little bit skittish at times, but a lovely gal."

Well, there you have it. And to think—Billy Bush wasn't even around for tonight's episode! Oy.

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