There are plenty of stressful things during the holidays—office parties, shopping, family—but there is nothing worse than travel. We want to hear your worst holiday travel stories, and we want them now. All aboard!

The combination of horrible weather and too many people trying to get home to the warm embrace of the family hearth in time for December 25 makes this a perfect storm of logistical nightmares. Thanks to this weekend's snowstorm, I got stuck spending a bit more time in Connecticut than originally planned. I was there so long, my father beat me at cards—and then he beat me. I'm scarred!

But that is nothing compared to what has happened to you, dear readers. We know you got some fucked up families, so now we want to hear about cars getting stuck in snow banks, being stranded at the Omaha airport for three weeks, and your family leaving on a European vacation while you slept upstairs and then defending your house from two evil, evil crooks who were trying to make off with all your worldly possessions.

Now this is not a contest for actual holiday stories about misbehaving families, shitty gifts, burnt dinners, or the time your Aunt Fanny tried to slip you the tongue under the mistletoe. No, that contest will be coming later this week. But in the spirit of the current Great Christmas Commute, we're going to ask you to tell your travel terror tales in the comments section. The winner will get a $50 MetroCard (Standard Contest Rules apply; and yes you can have the cash if you'd prefer). The subway is no treat, but if you have to travel, you might as well do it within Manhattan.

Alright boys and girls, the contest starts now.

[Image via Zimpenfish's Flickr]