Yea, we know the word "hipster" is played out. That's exactly why we need to pick a Hipster Champ of the past decade. So we can lay the whole damn thing to rest. Your candidates, below. Vote. If you want.

[NOTE: We've started a second round of voting between the five finalists. The new poll is here.]

Kari Ferrell: She is the Hipster Grifter. Discovered by Doree and metamorphosed into a star, and then a convict, and now an ex-convict, and still a star. Read all about her. Korean Abdul-Jabbar.

Gavin McInnes: Vice co-founder turned corporate ad man. Non-voter. Fighter. Drug-involved human. A mixed bag of hot peppers. Gavin McInnes.

Carles of Hipster Runoff: Yea, so, Carles does Hipster Runoff, and maybe some other shit? Carles.

Paul Sevigny: Beatrice Inn impresario. Brother of Chloe. King of the high class hipster diaspora. Savior of Atlantic City (ha). Paul Sevigny.

Dash Snow: Downtown icon. Photographer and semen artist killed by heroin at the tender age of 27. The unintentional Basquiat of a messy subculture. Sacer Irak.

Dov Charney: Pervy American Apparel CEO. Stands squarely at the intersection of hipster and douchebag. Gurl U no U no who he iz. Dov C.

The MisShapes: Leigh Lezark-led black-clad DJ trio. Pied pipers of the Blue States Lose crowd. Asymmetrical. The MisShapes.

The Williamsburg Hair Man: Once known only by a crude marker drawing, he was later spotted and photographed in a Greenpoint coffee shop. His name is Chris and he seems like a nice guy. Everyone admires his verve. Chris, the Williamsburg Hair Man.

Angel Hess, of the Purple Truck: Became a media darling for his spartan lifestyle based in a purple bread truck in Williamsburg. He was friendly, but the world was too cruel; somebody hijacked his truck, in a faraway land. There's probably a metaphor somewhere in there. Angel Hess and his Purple Truck.

The Concept of the Black Hipster: Hey, isn't it kind of racist just to list "black hipsters" as an entire concept, rather than as a vague and near-meaningless category composed of actual individuals, many of whom are probably just as mockable as our other contestants here? Yes. Yes it is. Black hipsters are out there, if you look close! Blipsters.

If you have some nominees of your own, please suggest them in comments. We might add them to the poll. Now go vote!