Since Beatrice Inn closed last April it feels like hundreds — thousands — of clubs and lounges have tried to claim succession. Today we have big news on the actual new Beatrice — Paul Sevigny's imminent new place.

The venue, which our source didn't want to name as a deal is in final negotiations, is near Soho and over multiple floors. It is not in the Puck Building as some (very tenuous) reports had hinted. To confirm its heir-to-the-throne status: Sevigny and his partners are considering bringing some furniture over directly from the shuttered Beatrice Inn. Here's what else our mole knows:

The space:

It's pretty raw and fits Paul's aesthetic, basically the opposite of Boom Boom Room and Avenue. Nothing glittery and opulent.

There will be food:

...the idea is to Manhattan-ize the young Brooklyn forward-thinking vibe exemplified by Roberta's in Bushwick and the Frankies 457/Prime Meats empire in Carrol Gardens.

Intriguingly, it is intended to be more than just a restaurant and lounge:

There is a large loft space above the venue which would be used for an office and hopefully as a gallery/community space with plenty of room for screenings (ala London's Frontline Club) and readings (ala Chelsea's Half King).

The space may also be used to save journalism!

Some of the team have media ties and they're joking about launching a publication called Spiked: A Journal of Rejection focusing on reportage that young journalists have had killed due to the industry's contraction.

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