The Way We Live Now: Fading out. But then coming back! So, not to worry. We didn't need that fire station. We didn't need those "lights." Or that job. Gas prices are a bargain!

Here is exactly how broke the city of Sacramento is: They have rolling brownouts of their fire stations. Then they hope there is not a fire there, by the station that is browned out. That would suck!

It's easy to get "down in the dumps" when contemplating stark examples of our poverty such as this. So instead, contemplate some other things. Despite the fact that the govt. has doubled its aid funding, utility shutoffs are still rising. Contemplate that! New York City is actually happy because its unemployment rate has plummeted all the way down to 10%. Contemplate that! Some motherfucker was so broke he stole the sign at Auschwitz. Contemplate that! Now that you're car's been repossessed, gas prices are lower, hastening our global meltdown. Contemplate that!

None of that will make you feel better though. Contemplate a funny dog photo, maybe? That's nice.

You cannot afford that dog, though.
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