A college humor magazine has written a satirical story on the subject of race, and they are refusing calls to take that story off their website, thereby bucking the important American college traditions of censorship and terrified racial silence. Outrageous!

The Georgetown Heckler, which is—let's see here—yes, a humor magazine, wrote a story mocking the real Georgetown paper for a stupid story they wrote about race, which earned them sit-ins earlier this year. Here is that satirical story, from the Heckler. It is fairly amusing. It makes its point. Could have been a little sharper. That's okay. It's college.

But of course on US college campuses, distinguishing between actual racism and the intentional mocking of actual racism, via humor, is not allowed. Discussion of race must fit inside this pre-approved box! So now everybody is mad. Here is an actual quote, from a man employed in the field of education:

Todd A. Olson, vice president for student affairs, said in a statement, "We condemn these attempts at humor," and he called the article "deeply hurtful and potentially destructive to the fabric of our campus community."

Nobody ever use racial humor at all! Censor this dangerous material at once! Learning equals self-imposed silence! They asked the Heckler to take their story down and they said no. Good for you, Hecklers. Fuck those assholes. They're probably racists.