Is how some of the papers dramatize the doubtless grinding negotiations in Copenhagen. Also: the New York Post think the Upper West Side is "trendy", there's a new villain in healthcare reform and a drug cartel boss was killed.

It feels like the world is winding down for the holidays. There's barely even a Tiger Woods tale today. Aside from the climate change negotiations, which make the front on all the broadsheets, and healthcare reform, there's little agreement on the story of the day.

These reports of things going on in the world are interesting though:

  • The New York Times point out that the FBI and Muslims don't get on so well.
  • The LA Times says the US should be nicer to Iraqi translators they used then abandoned when they got injured.
  • And the Wall Street Journal says that no-one is regulating banks properly. Still.

Disclosure: I freelance write and report for newspapers that are included in this roundup. Where there is a direct conflict of interest I will make it clear.

The New York Times: reports that President Obama will fly to Copenhagen to oversee tricky climate negotiations, particularly with China. In other tricky negotiations, the US and Russia are nearing agreement on trimming nuclear arsenals and Democrats are looking for the crucial 60th vote for healthcare reform. The FBI are not very nice to Muslims, which is perhaps not a surprise, and getting into a public arts high school in New York is about as difficult as getting into anything else in New York (very). Drug cartels make their lives easier through bribery. Worth a shot kids, no?

The Washington Post: report that the Washington Redskins have changed coaches, and has the story on the negotiations in Copenhagen. Six Guantanamo inmates are to be released back to their native Yemen, and a North Carolina Democrat has disappointed his constituents and backers by voting no on healthcare reform. Another day, another villain. Finally, a new toll road in Maryland is expensive.

The LA Times: has a great story about the plight of translators in Iraq, alongside their obligatory drug wars piece. LA schools are to cut weak teachers, and the crux of the healthcare bill is now over how insurance companies are policed. There's also an obit for actress Jennifer Jones.

The Wall Street Journal: paints the climate talks as a showdown, no-one knows who's regulating banks any more and officers knew that predator drones could be hacked back in 2004. They might have included that information in a new breed of depressing holiday letter.

The New York Post: describes the Upper West Side of Manhattan, in this story about shootings and stabbings there, as "trendy". Which is an interesting choice of word.

The Daily News: is all heartwarming, all the time.

Opelika-Auburn News: Al Sharpton meets Santa. There must be a joke here somewhere. In the meantime, and stolen shamelessly from Popbitch: what's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa? Santa stops at three hos.

Irish Daily Star: finally, a whole-page Tiger story!