On Sunday, we told you that MTV had decided not to air the footage of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi being punched in the face on tonight's episode of Jersey Shore, and speculated as to its motives. Here's what MTV did show.

The scene in question—which culminated in Snooki being punched in the face by New York City gym teacher Brad Ferro—was saved for the last two minutes of tonight's episode. The altercation—taking place at a bar frequented by the Jersey Shore cast—began when Ferro and his friends appeared to steal shots that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino had bought for his fellow cast members. As The Situation attempted to defuse the tension by ordering additional shots for the group, Snooki began to chide Ferro and remind him that the drinks were not for him.

More words were exchanged and insults were then thrown back and forth between Snooki and Ferro, before the screen abruptly cut to black. When the picture came back, Snooki was on the floor, sobbing, and a second fight broke out between her cast mates and Ferro. Police then quickly stepped in and removed Ferro from the bar before arresting him.

The preview for next week's episode includes additional footage of what happened immediately following the altercation, and it is in that episode that we will presumably discover what happened in the hours and days that followed.

The full final scene from tonight's episode—including the promotional footage for next week's new one—is below.