Isn't that cute: Al Franken cuts Lieberman off during a speech, then Lieberman's BFF John McCain tags in and comes to his rescue. Anyone who thinks C-Span 2 is the dullest thing since C-Span 1 needs to watch this clip.

Fight! Nancy Pelosi is all up in Senate Dems' business, urging them to get moving on the health care bill. But we're guessing that avoiding Pelosi's wrath was not the sole reason Sen. Al Franken cut off Lieberman 10 minutes into his speech on the Senate floor today. Maybe the fact that Lieberman is a possibly-stupid, two-timing SOB had something to do with it?

Anyway, It's telling that the most thrilling part of the health care reform debate thus far has been one senator telling another senator to stop talking about health care reform.

(FYI: When McCain says what sounds like "comedy" he is actually saying "comity," which, according to, means "mutual courtesy; civility"—but to us it just means: SUPER EASY PUN.)