In your law-abiding Thursday media column: Martha Stewart shows kids how to do drugs, Mike Bloomberg explains the "new media," predictions for 2010, and Budget Travel is sold.

Martha Stewart, our nemesis, had known Crip "Snoop Dogg" on her daytime television program, during which time the two discussed drug paraphenalia, in front of children. "Snoop Dogg" advocated adding illegal drugs to brownies, prompting Stewart to laugh and respond, "I like what you say." She then sternly ordered "Snoop Dogg," an African-American, to "keep rapping," which he did, out of fear. How long until the authorities put a stop to Martha Stewart's dirty schemes? [Oh and she ripped off the weed brownie bit from George Lopez! How low can you go, Martha?]

Mayor Bloomberg's city-sponsored plan to save the decrepit New York media is finally springing into action! There's a free new program called JumpStart New Media, which teaches you—the laid off "old media" person—how to navigate the wild world of "new media." It includes:

* A 5-day intensive boot camp (1-5 February 2010) to re-orient talent from traditional media firms to succeed in new media companies. Participants will learn through presentations, simulations, and dialog about New York's new media economy and the expectations of its firms. They will assess personal working styles, strengths, and weaknesses, aiming to deliver value in a new context.
* An 8-10 week action-learning project in a new media firm. Some projects may turn into continuing assignments. * Regular mentoring, coaching, and networking to support participants during the project period.
* 2-day wrap-up session on completing a successful transition.

Not included: a job.

One hundred and fifteen media types have made predictions for the coming year, 2010, regarding the media! Here is one from the famed "Mr. Magazine," Samir Husni: "And one final note, Bob Sacks will continue to tell us that e-paper is here. Thank you Bob!" Haha. We don't get it.

Newsweek is selling off Budget Travel magazine to an investment firm, because it's hard enough making money one one magazine, much less two magazines. Happily the lying capitalist owners say they will keep "essentially all" of Budget Travel's employees.