What is this we spy with our jaded eye? It is a new Mark Penn patented Microtrend column. We have not forgotten you, Mark Penn, you shady, shady character! Today, Mark Penn explains why god is dumb.

Here is this man, Mark Penn, who hath reaped hardily of all the bounty bestowed upon him by the USA, by the grace of immortal GOD, and his only begotten son. And now he comes with his manmade polls and data and Microtrends, shouting from the virtual rooftops that America is losing its fundamentalist Christianity in favor of fake hippie religions, but that is okay:

The data suggest, though, that modern secularization will not lead us back to Sodom and Gomorrah, where lack of religion caused unrestrained amoral and reckless behavior. Religious Independents have a high belief in values like doing good, giving back to the community, and taking responsibility for our planet.

All Jesus-loving Americans, make your opinions known to Mark Penn at once!