Peaches' "IDGAF crew" (that's "I Don't Give a Fuck" to the uninitiated) were "speeding like I have never, ever witnessed" when they crashed their car. Just in case there is a lawsuit later, Peaches thoughtfully recorded their carelessness on Twitter.

First, we see the IDGAFs reenacting Grand Theft Auto. (And let's not even talk about infinite ugh associated with that moniker. It's just too much.)

Then, the IDGAFs get really IDGAFy, and cause a CRASHy.

Best thing about near-death experiences: Awesome material for awesome tweets! Awesome awesome GAF GAF guffaw cluck moo:

At moments like this, it is important to remember that these people are (mental and emotional) children. They know not what they do. [PeachesG]