California gubernatorial candidate and tempestuous eBay billionaire Meg Whitman doesn't use her kids on the trail. Is it because she respects her Ivy League sons' privacy, or because at least one of them is a liability?

Griffith Harsh V was a member of Princeton's class of 2008 (among the first classes eligible to live in Whitman College, which his mother donated $30M to build) until mysterious circumstances and a disciplinary hearing forced him to withdraw for a year and join the class of 2009 instead. Perhaps the infraction had something to do with Griff's documented pigheadedness when he drinks? Quoth campus rag The Nassau Weekly:

Overheard at Charter [eating club]

Griff Harsh (Meg Whitman's son) throws beer in Guy's face.
Guy: You can't do that to people.
Griff Harsh (points at himself): Billionaire.

What was Griff's disciplinary infraction—and did Meg's money affect the proceedings? (Also: How is it possible that a college-aged heir to an internet fortune is not depicted anywhere in the whole of the internet, but for the above microscopic thumbnail? Is Griff the only human in America to whom the new Facebook privacy settings do not apply?) For the good of California: if you know. [NassauWeekly]