Before our excitement about next year's Fey/Carell vehicle 'Date Night' even had time to incubate, we're hit with news that the NBC comedy darlings might co-star in another romcom. "30 Rock" + "The Office" = Yes, please.

The film is Warner Brothers' Mail Order Bride, about a woman who orders a husband from Eastern Europe. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the pairing is far from certain, given that the project has no director, and the two TV stars have little overlapping time to shoot. [THR]

•Producer Simon Fuller hopes to conquer basically the last Reality TV-free zone on earth: The Internet. The "American Idol" creator has signed up Hulu, Clear Channel, MySpace, Ford and Pepsi for an online-only project about people having their dreams crushed—er, trying to achieve them? [TheWrap]

•This item is worth it mainly for the name of the character Rene Russo has been cast to play in the film adaptation of Marvel Comics' 'Thor': Frigga. Frigga! That is a "Frigga" dumb name! [Variety]

•When Rich Ross took over Disney studios, he instituted the revolutionary strategy of not making so many bad movies. Since then, Disney has canceled the Robin Williams comedy 'Wedding Banned' and "20,000 Leagues under the sea." The latest causality is 'Wild Hogs 2'—the sequel to the John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, Tim Allen comedy. If only Ross could go back in time and cancel the first one. [Variety]

•Love 3D films, Nicolas Cage and free money? Summit Entertainment is releasing 'Drive Angry,' an action film that contains the first two of those things. Director Patrick Lussier was responsible for "My Bloody Valentine 3D," which went on to gross $100 million worldwide and become one of the early signs that a new era of 3D was upon us. [Variety]

Animal Planet is releasing a 2-hour special called 'The Bear Whisperer' on Jan 7th. It follows Steve Searles, who apparently talks to bears in California and tries to convince them to constrain their terrible strength. No word on how many people were killed during the making of this doc. [The Wrap]