This week—in just two nights—The Train Wreck Sing-off taught us 12 new things. Tonight, we got lucky Number 13: Judge (and lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls) Nicole Scherzinger's accent is as unpredictable as Tiger Woods' hole selection.

In just three nights on The Sing-off, Scherzinger has pulled a Madonna and randomly changed her accent six times over. This would probably be annoying if it weren't so hilarious.

So, now, please join us as we embark on a world tour, courtesy of Scherzinger. Anchors aweigh!

Hawaii (Above)
What better way to begin our journey than with a visit to Scherzinger's home state? Here, she reminisces about "Dah Eye Lens."

Houston (Beyoncé's Part of Town)
Here, Scherzinger channels Sistah Freaky DuBois. (We don't know what that means, either.)

We weren't sure what to label this accent of Scherzinger's—other than weird as hell—but Gawker.TV editor Mike Byhoff came to our rescue via Gchat with, "Hungary?" Works for us.

Puerto Rico
Scherzinger lets out her inner ~Latina~ and spices things up here with a quick trip to San Juan.

We think Scherzinger sounds like Celine Dion in this clip, so French Canada it is.

Los Angeles
In our final clip, Scherzinger takes a trip to the Valley and gets a bit playful.

Where will she go next? Your guess is as good as ours.