Kate Hudson was on Oprah today to promote Nine. This show was without a doubt pre-recorded, because Oprah demands Kate discuss her relationship with A-Rod. Most likely while he was cheating on her. Awkward!

Thanks to the magic of taped segments and quickly crumbling publicity-driven relationships, the public is rewarded with this little gem.

Oprah begins their interview discussing the movie. Kate is relaxed and charming as usual. The moment the conversation steers to A-Rod, Kate freezes up. Kate may be able to dodge questions when being interviewed by Duluth News Tribune, but not Oprah. Big momma ain't backing down. She drills her over-and-over: Where did you meet? Is he nice? How are things going? Kate's response...I'm happy! She takes us all for suckers, doesn't she?

By the time this interview ended, there was one ended relationship, and one fired publicist.

(Editor's note: This episode of Oprah was actually a repeat, but the story said A-Rod was cheating on Kate during her press tour. Well this was that press tour. Hindsight is hindsight. Repeat or no.)