Oh, hey, CPAC is coming up. That is the annual conference for dedicated conservatives. And just to prove that the Republican Party is back in a big way, the John Birch society is a 2010 CPAC sponsor!

This wonderful group is so hysterically, old-fashionedly conservative that they still probably think Jew Mason Communists are working out that New World Order thing. They have basically been banned from serious participation in the Conservative Movement since the '60s, when William F. Buckley decided their insanity and paranoia reflected poorly on the movement.

And they have not gotten any less insane and paranoid, since then! But Buckley has gotten much more dead, so, welcome back, John Birch Society! Welcome back to the big tent of constant fear of everything. (This is all thanks to proud Bircher Ron Paul, of course—hey, internet glibertarians, yr girlfriend is an old crazy person.) This JBS sponsorship displeases some. (Not us! We think it's wonderful, that they are not letting the damn international Jewish one world currency conspirators keep them from setting up a little booth at a hotel in DC, to raise fiat money.)

CPAC is traditionally about as big a tent as the modern movement can handle, but typically the attendees and organizers come more from the business-friendly side of the modern movement than the "we hate gay people" side. But this year, the insane "Liberty Council" (a sort of anti-ACLU, the Liberty Council defends the rights of Christians to put Ten Commandments wherever the hell they want forever, and they also fight against Gay Marriage) is threatening to boycott CPAC if CPAC allows some sad "gay conservative" group to be involved, in any capacity.

Here is a sentence about this whole thing that you will enjoy:

It boils down to this: there is nothing "conservative" about - as Barber inimitably puts it - "one man violently cramming his penis into another man's lower intestine and calling it ‘love.'"

Right. Ok.

Anyway, this year's CPAC is gearing up to be the best ever! We can't wait for Ann Coulter's millionth identical standup routine about which Democrats are fags this year.