MTV's creatively titled Teen Mom follows around, well, teen moms. It's basically a gigantic PSA to show how awful it is to be a teenager with a baby.

Amber and Gary aren't even 20 and they act as if they've been married for 10 years. Amber is recalling her GED testing experience, Gary makes a snide, unfunny comment. Proceed depressing bickering that no teen should ever have to endure. This relationship should end well!

From now on, whoever slams the door and says "Have a picnic life" during a domestic spat immediately wins the argument. Period.

But let's not forget that these teens can be kids, too! Here is Farrah, one of the teen moms, going on a miniature golf date with Shaq. Shaq+Farrah4Evarrrrrr!!! It's cute and awkward and all very kid-like until the date is over, and Farrah has to go back home to take care of her newborn baby. Ahhh, gilded puppy love.