On Monday, we apologized to New Republic publisher Marty Peretz, for asserting, without evidence, that he likes Joe Lieberman, the famous asshole. We now rescind that apology.

We also hope some of the people at Peretz's magazine, the people who've been doing wonderful work covering the political debate over health care reform and advocating for good health care policy, explain to Mr. Peretz that Lieberman did not have a minor political disagreement over some "shaky provisions scripted by Harry Reid," but, in fact, Lieberman did a complete 180 on a fairly uncontroversial (and good) piece of policy that he'd supported, openly and vocally, for literally years. And he did so in an attempt to hijack and perhaps kill a bill that every principled Democrat supports because they actually believe it will save tens of thousands of lives (people who cover politics tend to forget that this is supposed to be the point of politics, actually providing real life people with tangible benefits, like saving their lives), and he did this in a childish fit of pique that has now lasted three years.

Also Marty Peretz is a racist embarrassment to a magazine that is constantly trying to redeem itself for its various ridiculous crimes against journalism and basic human decency.