A reader sent in the attached screenshot, showing his fruitless attempt to post our guide to enhancing the privacy of your Facebook account. Apparently Facebook found that content to be "abusive."

The social network says in the "Warning" dialog (below) that it was simply responding to complaints from users who reported the content to be objectionable. Hmm, we're curious who those users would be, and who they work for.

In any case, the ban, to whatever extent there was one, seems to have been lifted, at least judging from our own ad-hoc test just now.

In the meantime, we've just updated the original post with an important new privacy tip and some clarifications on two of our existing ones. Enjoy, and feel free to share — while you still can (cue ominous music).

UPDATE: Another tipster informs us that one or more of our Facebook articles were temporarily blocked from being posted within this Facebook group on the privacy changes.

(Top pic by pshab on Flickr)