Joel Madden slammed Kesha's "jacked" sounding single; a Wired editor said Roger Ebert's copy was sloppy; and David Carr doth protested about his diss too much. The Twitterati bled their rivals.

If Wired's Joe Brown did want to be a bitch about it, what word, worse than "appalled," would he have have used to describe Roger Ebert's typos? Just ascking (ahem).

Joel Madden will buy fellow singer Kesha's forthcoming album, so don't get all upset. He just wanted everyone to know it will probably be terrible, is all.

Rehab doctor Drew Pinsky took the first step: Admitting he has a problem.

David Carr may have written that he was "strong for [my] posse" at the New York Times, and then said the Wall Street Journal was "blending journalism and politics," be he wasn't trying to start a fight with the rival newspaper. I mean, what does he look like, a Wall Street Journal editor, or something?

CNET's Caroline McCarthy spent some of her working hours at the sort of "tasting event" that doesn't get you too hammered to work. No fun.

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