WWE hosted its sixth awards show last night in Texas. It was three hours long and hosted by Dennis Miller. He alternated between terrible one-liners and rich diatribes on global warming. Also, shirtless wrestlers at podiums: Very bizarre.

Dennis opened the show by going on extended rants about three things: Obama is a terrible president, Nancy Pelosi is a shrieking bitch, and global warming is fake. I'll give him credit for playing to the crowd, who let out sharp hisses and boos when Obama was on screen, but they had no idea who Nancy Pelosi was. And doesn't everyone hate global warming? Yeah they do. Global warming is really really stupid. 2 out of 3 on pandering rants ain't half-bad, D-Mill!

Here is where Dennis brings out his A material. One-liners comparing certain wrestlers to Amy Winehouse, Michael Moore and Octomom. Dennis Miller is a refreshing new voice when it comes to dated material delivered as dry as Nic Cage's bank account. Swish! You're not the only one who can play this game, Miller!

And here is the moment of the night. After a kerfuffle erupts on-stage over...something, the announcer compares the night's event to The Source Awards. Yowza.