Reggae star Buju Banton is in a very tenuous PR situation right now, with a Grammy nomination under fire from gay rights groups, but that did not stop Buju from trying to buy five god damn kilos of cocaine. Allegedly!

Yes. Eleven god damn pounds of coke, he tried to buy, in Florida. Allegedly! He and two other guys were arrested last week, and now the DEA has released its version of the story, in which a snitch told them earlier this month that Buju et al "wanted to purchase kilogramme amounts of cocaine in the Sarasota area of the Middle District of Florida." Yea, while you're in Sarasota, pick up some coke, k? So the DEA stone cold set them up, undercover style. Allegedly:

"Thomas subsequently utilised a knife to cut open the noted kilogramme of cocaine and began to inspect, along with [Buju], the cocaine. Thomas subsequently handed the knife to[Buju] who instantly wiped the blade of the knife with his finger and placed that finger in his mouth in what appeared to be an attempt to taste the cocaine," the document stated.

Well that is one of the god damn stupidest career diversifications I've ever heard of. Allegedly! Because lots of fans are crying conspiracy—maybe from the gay mafia, dying to get back at him for years of homophobia (um, doubtful), maybe from the Feds, or some...shady government people (you never know! Remember what happened to Bob Marley).

He could very well get locked up for more than 20 years. Buju. Oh Buju. There's never a good time for that.