Oh, awkward. The country singer in a cowboy hat performed an impromptu rap with Will Smith after the Nobel Prize ceremony. And—wait a minute—did he just make slanty eyes during a verse about "yellow" people?

It's at -3:56 in the below video of Will Smith, Wyclef Jean, and Toby Keith:

Keith appears to be pantomiming Smith's words. He points at Will for "black," himself for "white," flourishes his wrist during "the red and the brown." During "yellow," he gestures to the outer corner of his eye with his pointer finger, and for "bang bang" he makes a finger gun.

Then again, the video isn't super clear, and maybe he had an ill-timed itch in the corner of his eye? Because nobody would make a racist gesture while attending a Nobel event, right? While wearing a jean jacket and a cowboy hat? Sharing a stage with two black men? Celebrating America's first black president winning the Peace Prize? Before an international audience, in Oslo?