Each episode of A&E's Intervention follows a pattern: the addict's tragic past is explored, his/her horrifying effect on friends and family is exposed, and the intervention is staged. Character is what distinguishes each episode. Tonight's Jennifer was an instant classic.

Jennifer had all the makings of a truly great Intervention: the requisite devastating history (days after recovering from a car accident which left her with mild brain damage, Jennifer's brother was hit and killed while riding a moped), complete inhibition, and self-destructive determination combined with her natural charm and spunk ("Jägerbombers!"), to make the viewer truly sympathetic to this functional wreck.

After chugging vodka and popping a few prescription pills, Jennifer came out to her intervention steel-willed, determined not to give up her demon. Her face, however, began to melt and shape-shift, betraying her emotions in a sequence of grimaces, eye rolls, and raspberries to the camera. In the wrenching finale, she finally broke down and accepted treatment after her father read a letter written in the voice of her dead brother. Keep your fingers crossed for Jennifer and her 1.3 kidneys.