December 14th: Lance Bass at Kiss & Fly Sunday to celebrate Malik So Chic's bday. He was flirting with a half-naked waiter, who turned out to be straight. (Plus: a reminder on the new ways to submit Stalker sightings)

So this is probably as good a place as any to talk about the new Gawker Stalker. It's been a little sleepy lately (which is why we're posting this publicist plant; are we even now Kiss & Fly?). So, no the classic Stalker map is not coming back for now. But there are two new ways to submit sightings:

1. You can email them to and leave it up to us to decide if your run-in with Seth Meyers is Stalker-worthy (our default position: no).

2. Or... you can see them published immediately on the site (if you're an approved commenter) at the #stalker page by using the Share box at the top of the front page and including the #stalker hashtag. Either way, be sure to give us details you'd want to know — what they were wearing, what they said, who they were with, what they ate. Also: it only qualifies as a true stalking if you tell us when and where you saw them. None of this "I saw Fergie, the end." crap. We want to know if she peed herself. If you want to be a hashtag over-achiever, also include hashtags for the proper names: #momofukumilkbar #willarnett. Brownie points for spelling their names right and using proper capitalization. Oh, and one other benefit of using the new hashtag method: the better the sighting, the better chance it will get promoted and you'll get that elusive star commenter designation you've been coveting.