This morning, an elaborate hoax briefly convinced the world that Canada was going to take the lead on carbon emissions reductions and financial aid to Africa. But... why?

No one seems to know who was behind the hoax—or what the point was, except to embarrass Canada?—but it involved emailed press releases, a fake website for Canada's Environment Department, and and even a (really well done) spoof Wall Street Journal story.

The release claimed Canada was going to reduce emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2020, and it went on to claim that Canada was going to send Africa $13 billion in aid next year for development and as "reparations" for climate change caused by developed nations. The people behind the hoax sent out not only the initial email announcing the fake new Canadian policy, but also a follow-up claiming the office had been spoofed and linking to the false Journal story.

And, wow, is this a spoof UN Climate Change Conference website too? Looks just like the real thing!

So. No one is sure where this came from and Canada does not find it very funny.

The Yes Men tend to perform their stunts in person, and they'd be more likely to pretend to be American than Canadian. Right? (They already did a climate hoax involving the US Chamber of Commerce.) Maybe Canada has its own Yes Men! But who would want to pick on the Canadian government? (Presumably lots of people, because Canada does not want to do much about emissions at all, and they're trying to back out of Kyoto.)