If there's one thing racist lesbian sanctity-of-love defender Andrea Peyser can't stand, it's nubile young female teachers caressing each other's heavenly bodies in a forbidden dance of lust. (Smoke break, for Andrea). Andrea Peyser knows: You'll soon be killed.

Andrea Peyser is simply disgusted by the behavior of those two attractive young female teachers who threw off the bonds of society's expectations and exercised their love for one another right there in an empty classroom at school, fulfilling a fantasy that plenty of women feel so strongly it burns within them like a fire every day. But not Andrea Peyser.

Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym. So what do those who can't teach gym do?
If you're a couple of Sapphic and slutty Brooklyn public-school teachers, you do what comes unnaturally, preferably during school hours.

It's the unnatural nature of their dirty sexxxy behavior that gets Andrea—it's so forbidden, but the temptation of desire is like an unseen force pulling you to just do it...Pulling others, that is. Not Andrea Peyser.

Umm, let's change the subject. Andrea has clearly stated her opposition to this dirty, wet, lustful behavior. Next. Next subject! Let's see, the Times Square shooting last week... Andrea's take: "Get ready for more. The bad days are not over."

Perchance death's sweet embrace is preferable to a life with dreams unfulfilled?