Thirty-three-year-old Solange Raulston, a.k.a. DJ Reverend Soul, was killed yesterday when she was sideswiped by a truck while she was riding her bike in Greenpoint, the New York Post reports. The decade's end has been tragic for North Brooklyn musicians.

Raulston, mainly a funk DJ, played regular gigs at Bembe, Rose Live Music, and other venues in the Williamsburg area. She was British, and had lived in NYC for five years.

Last week, a drummer named Troy Young was found shot to death in his apartment in Carroll Gardens. (Which is not quite North Brooklyn, but close enough).

One month ago, Gerhardt Fuchs, a drummer, was killed in a freak accident in a Williamsburg elevator shaft.

Kind of makes the Hipster-Hasid Bike Lane Wars seem petty. Stay safe, everyone. [Pic: Facebook]