Joe Lieberman really is the most appalling human being. All he cares about is that people look at him and that he gets to feel important. Which is why he's jeopardizing healthcare reform again with a last-minute threat.

LIeberman has decided, in his infinite fuckheadedness, that any public option and any expansion of Medicare — the two last vestiges of hope for an even slightly helpful bill — is too much. Yesterday he went on CBS' Face The Nation and said he couldn't vote for the bill in its current form. Which was a surprise to everyone because Harry Reid and Rahm Emmanuel had bent over backwards to ensure his vote. They underestimated his delicate vanity. From the New York Times:

A Senate Democratic aide, perplexed by Mr. Lieberman's stance, said, "It was a total flip-flop, and leaves us in a predicament as to what to do.

You can tell Joe Lieberman what you think of him here. Other Democrats, mainly Ben Nelson of Nebraska, are trying to use the healthcare bill to limit a woman's right to an abortion. You know, the right that is laid down in a Supreme Court ruling.

Here's the video:

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