Dating in New York can seem like rolling a pair of dice directly into a venomous snake's mouth. In fact, the easiest way to find a significant other in this city is probably surviving a plane crash with them.

New York has released its annual list of "Reasons to Love New York," an exercise in NYC boosterism which we must grudgingly salute, ourselves being sometimes given over to that overwhelmed feeling of "why the fuck am I here"—a feeling which is probably most effectively addressed by making just such a list. (Because there are so many reasons!)

One of New York's Reasons to Love New York caught our eye in particular, not least of all because it was the first reason: "Because there was more than one miracle on the Hudson." Wha-huh?

The first miracle was, obviously, the US Airways 1549. The other Miracle they speak of is not the deer that swam 2,000 yards across the Hudson, although that was pretty badass. It is the burgeoning love of Ben Bostic and Laura Zych: two Flight 1549 survivors who met and fell in love at a 1549er reunion. Take it away, New York Magazine's Chris Rovzar:

In July, Kristy Spears (seat 8A) hosted a reunion in her home outside Charlotte. Zych (seat 17B) met up with Amy Jolly (seat 14C), whom she had befriended through a survivors' Facebook group. Bostic hung out with them, but had to leave early and drive out of town for another party. Late that night, they persuaded him to drive back, and Zych offered to let him crash at her place. "I didn't think of it until the next day, but it was the second time I crashed with them," says Bostic, who calls going back into town that night "one of the best decisions I'd ever made." He and Zych ended up talking on her porch until six in the morning. "I had to work the next day. And I didn't care! At that time, that's exactly what I wanted to do. The couple has been dating ever since."

And check out what a great relationship was borne from chaos, according to what the couple told CBS:

Zych said on the couple's second get-together, they danced together, and now they dance together every day.

Bostic said, "No matter where we're at, whatever we're doing, we end up dancing somewhere."

Now if you excuse us, we are going to take a shower and book some flights through heavily goose-populated areas.

You: Blue sweatshirt w/ University of Michigan logo. You were silently weeping as our plane plummeted to Earth.
Me: Glasses, white T-shirt. Hands in the air, screaming a promise to God that I would volunteer at the food bank every week if He guided our plane to safety.

You looked so damn good contemplating your mortality—I just can't stop wondering how you would look in the morning wearing one of my T-shirts. Drink?