There's a lot of lying going on in Aaron Sorkin's Facebook movie, and industry insiders love it: The script for The Social Network made this year's Black List, top screenplays as chosen by execs paid to read scripts all day.

The film tells the story of Facebook's creation, adapting Ben Mezich's book Accidental Billionaires. Entertainment Weekly has the top ten in this year's Black List (which is determined by how many times a scripted is mentioned by the several hundred voters) and Sorkin's script came in with 42 mentions vs. the 47 for The Muppet Man biopic that Christopher Weekes has written The tag line in the Black List (see below) is: "The story of the founders of the social networking website Facebookand how overnight
success and wealth changed their lives." But EW sexes it up as a film combining "fascinating biographical elements of Shattered Glass" — the movie about fabricating magazine writer Stephen Glass — with "the courtroom drama of Kramer vs. Kramer." Which means it will directly tackle the dispute over who started Facebook, and the question of whether CEO Mark Zuckerberg stole the company away from its true creators.

It sounds like someone involved in the now-historic Facebook fight is going to come out looking like a liar. And if there's anything Hollywood's studio managers must crave, it's seeing a fabricator publicly exposed.'

(Pic: Sorkin, via Getty)