In your finally Friday media column: Harvard Business Review does coke off pregnant hookers like it's nothing, the NYO gets a deputy editor, E&P remembered, and Bill O'Reilly hates Law and Order.

The Harvard Business Review is ready to motherfucking party! Lock up your whore daughters and hide your prescription drugs, Harvard Business Review readers, because the newly redesigned Harvard Business Review is running up in your house next year wearing nothing but a shotgun and a big dick! "That cover list of articles is gone; instead, the cover shows a photograph of a sculpture made from office chairs and a redesigned logo. Inside, the Review breaks up stories with sidebars and graphics, and is adding columnists and some lighter features." Bow down, cocksuckers!

Kyle Pope, the new editor of the New York Observer, has picked Christopher Stewart—who Pope worked with at Portfolio—as his deputy editor. Let's hope the Observer is not the new Portfolio!

Everybody in the media world is sad about the death of Editor & Publisher. As are we! But whereas journoblogger James Kristie is convinced that this marks "a bottom in the death plunge of the print media industry," we're afraid that death plunge will not stop until the print media industry is, you see, dead.

Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are now going to war against their liberal archenemy, Law & Order. This is too stupid to summarize further.