The lovely gentleman punching Jersey Shore guidette Snooki in the viral video clip has been ID'd: he's a gym teacher in Queens. This could end no other way.

The NY Post revealed that the man in the clip is 23-year-old Brad Ferro of Long Island's Deer Park. Ferro teaches phys ed at North Queens Community High School. The incident, which was only show in a promo for the season, will be shown in full on next Thursday's episode, to be followed by a public service announcement about violence against women. Maybe if Ferro tunes in, he'll stop beating the crap out of girls in bars.

The incident landed Ferro in cuffs: He was arrested in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, where the show takes place, on assault and disorderly conduct on August 19 following an argument over some booze he tried to take from Snooki and her housemates.

Officials from the New York Education Department didn't know about the arrest, because it happened out of state. Now that they do know, he'll probably join the lesbian teachers in the "rubber room," where teachers on probation are sent to think about what they've done while they're still collecting their paychecks but before they return to work. Hm, doesn't The Rubber Room sound like the next MTV train wreck waiting to happen?