Word on the street is that Men's Health editor-in-chief Dave Zinczenko has checked out of editing the magazine. So why bother writing new cover lines for the latest issue when the ones from October 2007 will do?

Aside from the different celebs—the new cover features Taylor Lautner and the old one Jason Statham—the entire left side of cover lines has virtually identical copy and layout: the six pack abs, the poster, the results in nine days, the "gain muscle, lose weight," the ultimate nutrition plan, and the eat better and think smart. The 1,293 is the same even though apparently then it was what women want in bed and now it is tips to get money, fitness, sex, and nutrition. Is there something about the number 1,293 that focus groups really well? Or maybe a numerological thing?

A few details on the covers have been changed. Now we get "tech toys" instead of "hard muscle" above the title, the sexy women have migrated to the right hand column, and the "best body ever" has gotten a little bit smaller. The December '09 cover has no "get-rich secrets" because, well, in December '09 ain't no one getting rich.

Anyway, aren't all Men's Health covers interchangeable anyway?