The Washington Post, as we all know, has the worst opinion section in America. The people who run it don't understand all the fuss about them running an op-ed by Sarah Palin on climate change!

Op-ed editor Autumn Brewington (who is presumably taking the flak for her boss, editorial page editor Fred Hiatt) seemed to be missing the point a bit in an interview with the soon-to-be-defunct Editor & Publisher.

Brewington did not regret giving Palin space, noting, "She is someone who stirs discussion and we are in the business of putting out opinion. She reached out to us."

Ah, yes, the traditional factors taken into consideration when accepting editorials. "Will this bring us attention? Good. Run it."

The fact that no one does or should take Sarah Palin, or her ghostwriter, seriously on any policy issue, let alone global fucking warming, and the fact that her op-ed was patent bullshit, and the fact that it was not even interesting or original bullshit and it never would've been published if the author hadn't been named "Sarah Palin" (or "George Will"), none of that is important. It made the most-emailed list, after all.

And that is why starting next week please enjoy the Washington Post's Editorial Roundtable on monetary policy, hosted by The Various Women Tiger Woods Has Fucked.