Among the celebrity weeklies' many scientific contributions, none is more entertaining than the "body language expert" who can divine deep interpersonal details from one single photograph. Let's apply this rigorous method to New York City's romantic royalty.

This story was originally published by CityFile.

In the world of celebrities, socialites, and reality stars, relationships are more often "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" than "long-term." That's to be expected, of course. Think of all the temptations when countless other beautiful people are around! To size up the potential of a handful of newer and more high-profile couples on the New York City scene, we turned to Patti Wood, the "Babe Ruth of body language experts" who has evaluated unspoken signals for hundreds of media outlets over the years. Join us below as Wood breaks down which twosomes are destined for eternal bliss-and which are bound for a break-up.

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Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner

Background: Real estate heiress, jewelry designer and Celebrity Apprentice co-host Ivanka started dating real estate scion and New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner more than two years ago. They were married on October 25th.

The verdict: "Her whole body is facing toward Jared, which means she's all about him. Most women do not pose this way. She doesn't care that people are taking photos; she is clearly proud to be next to him. Her left hand is up, showing she wants to touch him in a loving way, and her shoulders are up in a half-hug, suggesting she just wants to be closer to him. Her broad, relaxed smile also says that she's at ease with him. As for Jared, his pelvis is angled slightly toward her, and he has his arm around her in a protective manner, but not a controlling one. All of their body language signals show that they have a good sexual relationship and care for each other very deeply. It looks as if they'll have a long future together."

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Tinsley Mortimer & Prince Casimir Sayn Wittgenstein Sayn

Background: It's unclear when the Tinz and "Cassi" first got together, but they were pictured together back in July when they attended the Cartier International Polo match. (Things went south with her ex-husband Topper when they separated in January of last year.) While Tinsley has been seen out with former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis recently, Cassi appears to still be in the picture for the time being.

The verdict: "The first thing I noticed about this photo is that this guy has a strong ego, which is indicated by his foot jutted out in front of him as if he's trying to emphasize he's his own man. She's awkwardly positioned, showing that she's off-balance in the relationship. She's got her legs pulled and shoulders pulled back but her pelvis is forward, like she can't make up her mind if she wants to be with him or not. Her outside arm is down, not reaching toward him, which is odd for a truly solid couple. There's tension in her face, meaning she's uncomfortable, and all of her body cues suggest she doesn't feel balanced, safe or secure with him. It doesn't bode well... at all."

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Topper Mortimer & Valerie Boster

Background: Topper Mortimer, Tinsley's estranged husband, reportedly first got together with Vogue editor Valerie Boster during fashion week in September. She recently threw him a birthday party at one of his favorite hangouts on the Upper East Side, preppy palace Dorrian's.

The verdict: "Here, he's doing something called 'overlapping,' where he's positioning his body around and behind her, and his chest is leaned in toward her. This means he is comfortable and at ease with her, but he's not enveloping her so tightly that he feels he needs to control her. Valerie's a little more conflicted: She's planted in her own seat but she is only leaning her upper body toward him, as if she is hesitant to give up too much and wants to remain independent. Her crossed arms indicate she wants to protect their relationship from the public eye. I'd like to see them a little more affectionate with one another, and while this doesn't appear to be a sexually-charged relationship, it doesn't necessarily mean it won't last."

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Kate Hudson & Alex Rodriguez

Background: The actress and the New York Yankees third baseman first got together back in May, after she allegedly ended her relationship with Owen Wilson and A-Rod and Madonna split up.

The verdict: "This couple screams 'passion.' She's pressing into him with her pelvis, which says she really digs him sexually. She's even got her hand on his rear end, and her whole body is arched into him. Likewise, Alex has his pelvis and stomach forward, but he's holding back a bit, which you can see through his restraint with his elbows. He's definitely the alpha in this relationship and seems preoccupied by people watching them. Overall, it's clear she'd do whatever he wants. If the sex continues to be good, she's going to do her best to make it work. I'd like to see a little more tenderness in the relationship, though."

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Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy

Background: The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy got engaged on October 8th after dating for 11 months. She announced she was two months pregnant in mid-October.

The verdict: "The fact that she's sitting on his lap suggests two things: 1) she depends on him, and 2) they have a good sexual relationship. Her arm is very relaxed around him-she's not clinging on for dear life-and she has a relaxed smile, indicating she trusts him absolutely. The intimate gesture of their heads touching means they are balanced and like-minded. His arms are relaxed around her in a protective, loving way, and his joyous, open smile shows he could not be more enamored with her. This is a very solid couple."

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Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl

Background: The socialite and star of The City started dating German model Johannes Huebl in the spring of 2008.

The verdict: "What I like here is that her feet and body are angled toward him, and his body is shifted subtly toward her. Body and foot positioning says a lot about a couple's connectedness-and in this case, they have a strong connection and bond. Their hands are intertwined, indicating they feel at ease with one another and are protective of each other. Their relationship is one where each goes for comfort and strength. Given this pose, it's likely that they have a soulful, private relationship, but also a bond that is sweet and dependable. It looks to me as if they have a future."

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Emmy Rossum & Adam Duritz

Background: Actress Emmy Rossum went public with Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz in late September, immediately after her super-secret music executive husband, Justin Siegel, filed for divorce. It remains a mystery how Duritz, who's dated Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in the past, manages to reel in ladies who are infinitely better looking than he is.

The verdict: "He's definitely claiming her as his 'woman' in this photo in a controlling way. He's gripping her arm so she can't move, and it's actually sort of disturbing. His gestures say, 'She's mine; isn't she gorgeous?' Emmy, on the other hand, may have the side of one hip toward Adam, but the rest of her body is pulled away, meaning that she's definitely not entirely at happy with him. It's also interesting how she's holding her purse. When couples are really into each other, the woman automatically moves her purse to the hand furthest from her companion. Here, her purse is a physical barrier, which also translates to an emotional barrier. There's also tightness around her mouth, which suggests some conflict with these two. I wouldn't expect them to last long at all."

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